Measurement, Contol, Record and Analyze:

Wherever you need to measure, control, record and analyze, JUMO is a qualified source to offer the appropriate product. With which we can provide full after sales service and customized solutions and hands on solution.

Connectors and Plug ins:

Heavy-duty connectors are used wherever there is a need for a secure, simple and time-saving assembly of machinery and facilities. The connector housings are made of die-cast aluminum and offer excellent protection against dirt, moisture and mechanical stress. Special modular connectors make it possible to integrate signals, power supply, pneumatics, and data connections into a single connector.

Sensors and Automation Contol:

Industrial sensors’ combination of durability, high accuracy, and quick response time make them an invaluable tool in industrial automation in the automotive industry, doors, gates and elevators manufacturing, machine and plant engineering, material handling, packaging, print, paper and finishing and process equipment industries. Inductive and Capactitive Prox Switches, Ultrasonic Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Distance Measurement Sensors,Positioning Systems, Inclination Sensors, Acceleration Sensors, AS-Interface, RFID Identification Systems, otational Speed Monitors

Power distribution:

Unit Substaitons, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear, Industrial Panelboards, Pad Mounted Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Motor Control Centers.

Cables & Cable Accessories:

We have a German-based manufacturer and supplier of cables, wires and accessories. Some of the best-known in the cable technology field and have earned an outstanding reputation as a premium brand. All over the world, they stand for the values which we and our customers consider paramount: quality, precision, and reliability.

Cables & Terminal Blocks:

Terminal block system gives you the possibility of responding flexibly to your customers' requirements for all applications across the globe. Choose from the following connection methods:

Simple PT Push-in connection, UT universal screw connection, ST compact spring-cage connection, QT fast QUICKON connection, COMBI plug-in connection solutions, RT robust bolt connection